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Frugal Innovation - Connecting Grassroots and Global
Deadline for submissions: 15 November, 2016

Aims and scope

The Journal of Frugal Innovation (JFI) aims to provide a platform facilitating timely dissemination of innovative concepts for emerging markets. JFI is an open access journal catering to the needs of a wider populace. In the Open Access model the articles are free for all once published.

Frugal innovation can provide products and services with extreme affordability leading to an inclusive growth. Frugal innovation seeks design innovations which are simple and novel. It looks out for subtle cues within an environment and sensitive social dimensions that assist in triggering and pushing innovation at the grass root level. Deciphering the social cues and bringing out user requirements in its desirable form are one of the biggest challenges associated with frugal innovation. Keeping an eye for simple and subtle aspects related to community service, community living and the tools in use is required to usher in innovation which is frugal in nature.

Companies are beginning to recognize the market potential in low and middle income spaces. Frugal innovation is meant to bring about the awareness for extreme resource constraints in general and costing constraints in particular. Resource constrained environments influence the discourse in innovation and its practice. The lower sides of the economic pyramid have their own ambitions, desires and basic survival requirements. Frugal innovation is about creating quality solutions for customers with very low purchasing power. Innovation in and for emerging markets has contexts and challenges along resource constraints or scarcity, market affordability constraints and, institutional voids or complexities. Frugal innovation can spread across social, technical and institutional innovations.

JFI welcomes various kinds of articles that will establish the basis for frugal innovation. The submissions are welcome with supporting materials like, videos, artworks and animations.

The journal uses three, double blind peer reviews, and submission is online.
Unique Selling Points:

First global journal on frugal innovation

Addressing emerging markets, economies and technologies intertwined with fierce urgency of the times

A platform for confluence of intellectual repertoire of innovation from diverse fields and areas of human relevance