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Fig. 5

From: Technology, knowledge and markets: connecting the dots—electric rickshaw in India as a case study

Fig. 5

The evolution of pulled rickshaws through various innovations. a Conventional hand-pulled rickshaw (Ganguly 2014). b Conventional cycle rickshaw (source: author’s own). cg Soleckshaw prototypes Mark-1 Series-1, Mark-1 Series-2, Mark-2 Series-1, Mark-2 Series-2 and prototype with motor below the seat, respectively (source: CSIR-CMERI). h Low-cost Mark-2 lookalike rickshaw on the roads of Kolkata, India (source: author’s own). ik Modified models of various electric rickshaws on the roads of Delhi (Sengupta 2013; Angre 2014; MT 2014). l Kinetic Safar (source: Kinetic Green)

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