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Table 1 Specification of soleckshaw, developed by CSIR-CMERI

From: Technology, knowledge and markets: connecting the dots—electric rickshaw in India as a case study

Power source

Solar and human

Type of drive

Motor-assisted pedal-driven (hybrid)

Solar panel

3 SPVS (37 W at 12 V)

Electric motor

BLDC-type hub motor (240 W, 36 V) mounted on the front/rear wheel


Batteries may be charged from the solar charging station or from the main power supply source by battery swapping mechanism


3 deep-discharge-type lead acid batteries


Chain and sprocket drive


Drum and shoe brake on both rear wheels. Brake on motor drum on the front wheel


Entire axle is mounted on a separate structure to ensure better alignment of both axles


210 kg (driver and 2 passengers)